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The transcendental world of eternity, knowledge and bliss is the abode of the Supreme Lord. He manifests unlimited eternal forms in the following divisions: 

Goloka Vrindavana and Mathura, Dvaraka and Ayodhya, Vaikuntha, Kailasa, Brahmajyoti (Spiritual Worlds), Karana Ocean and Material Universes (Material Worlds). 

Goloka: Krishna is the origin of everything spiritual and material. He resides at the center of the spiritual lotus of Goloka, the topmost eternal abode. Goloka is divided into three sections according to the intensity of Love for Krishna: Goloka, Dwaraka and Ayodhya, and Vaikuntha.
Goloka Vrindavan: Krishna is engaged in his most intimate pastimes in the pristine, rustic environment of a farm community encircled by forested areas. Vrindavan is a place of natural opulence which includes extremely fragrant flowers, beautiful peacocks and parrots. In this rural setting, Krishna engages in his most intimate pastimes without any pomp or material opulence. In Vrindavan all five rasas (mellows) are present in their complete fullness. Mathura is the capital city of Krishna’s family dynasty where his grandfather is the king.
Dwaraka: The inhabitants of Dwaraka see Krishna in His loving feature as a king who is revered with opulence. He has over 16,108 wives and at least ten children with each wife and his dynasty is called the Yadus. Krishna enjoys unparalleled opulence. He executes all duties as an ideal householder and king.
Ayodhya: Lord Rama is a plenary expansion of Krishna and Sita is an expansion of Lakshmi. The Lord acts as an ideal king and perfect husband
Vaikuntha: Vaikuntha is the area of the eternal spiritual world where Krishna’s expansions in his four-armed forms of Narayana are worshipped with awe and reverence. Narayana possesses all the opulences of Krishna except his intimate youthful, conjugal pastimes in Goloka.
Kailasa: The abode of Lord Shiva is on the rim of Vaikuntha. Lord Shiva is on both sides of the boundary of the material and spiritual worlds. In his aspect as Sadashiva, he is not influenced by the modes of material nature. As Lord Shiva, who is a Guna avatar (controller of the mode of ignorance) in the material world, he is slightly influenced by the material nature.
Material Worlds: Material Worlds are known as Martya loka (worlds of death) in which there are three levels: heavenly planets, middle planets where the Earth is located and the Lower planets more commonly known as hell. There are fourteen planetary systems divided into these three categories. In the higher planets, the mode of goodness is predominant. In the middle planet, there is mixed goodness with passion and ignorance and they fluctuate. In the lower planets, ignorance dominates goodness and passion.


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